ewatercycle.parameter_sets package

ewatercycle.parameter_sets.available_parameter_sets(target_model: Optional[str] = None) Tuple[str, ...]

List available parameter sets on this machine.


target_model – Filter parameter sets on a model name

Returns: Names of available parameter sets on current machine.

ewatercycle.parameter_sets.get_parameter_set(name: str) ParameterSet

Get parameter set object available on this machine so it can be used in a model.


name – Name of parameter set

Returns: Parameter set object that can be used in an ewatercycle model constructor.

ewatercycle.parameter_sets.download_parameter_sets(zenodo_doi: str, target_model: str, config: str)
ewatercycle.parameter_sets.example_parameter_sets() Dict[str, ExampleParameterSet]

Lists the available example parameter sets.

They can be downloaded with download_example_parameter_sets().


Downloads all of the example parameter sets and adds them to the config_file.

Downloads to parameterset_dir directory defined in ewatercycle.config.CFG.


skip_existing – When true will not download any parameter set which already has a local directory. When false will raise ValueError exception when parameter set already exists.